The Espionage Chaw is a new chaw that was enacted, along with others, as a chaw in the 2nd Decree of Chaws. The Espionage chaw is a group of spies who go around the kingdoms of Ga'Hoole making sure order is in. In the Decree, Espionage was declared to be necessary to see the secret activity after the war with the Pure Ones.

Known Espionage Tools:
Espionage Chaw Symbol 1

The Espionage Chaw Emblem,an owl eye looking down

  • Reports
  • Forgery
  • Dyes and Disguise
  • Undercover Identities
  • Diplomacy
  • Interrogation 

Known People in the Espionage Chaw:

  • [[Axeris|Axeris
    Sophos I

    Sophos, Ryb of the Espionage Chaw

  • Venson (missing, presumed dead) 

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