Jupiter is a Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua) born in the Forest Kingdom of Ambala. He was encountered by the patrol of St. Aggies, who snatched him. In this event, Jupiter, a large owl, struggled in the talons of his handlers and spread his wings. After a while, Jupiter escaped his handlers, while just learning to fly. He soon found Axeris and Corinth, who were flying to the Great Ga'Hoole Tree.

Notable InformationEdit

Jupiter I


Owl Species: Powerful Owl

Skills: Combat, Charisma, Flying, Strategy

Appearance: Massively Tall Owl, Light Brown Feathers and Darker Head. Bright, Yellow Eyes. Sharp Talons.

Chaw: Search & Rescue

Status: Guardian-in-training

Other InformationEdit

Favorite Food: . . . . . .

Favorite Beverage: . . . . . 

Friends with: AxerisCorinth

Acquaintanced with: Sophos

Enemies with: The Pure Ones