Tytanius 1

Tytanius, a barn owl who would later meet the Guardians

Tytanius is a barn owl (Tyto Alba) who was born about two miles north west of Soren is the Forest Kindgom of Tyto. 


Tytanius was born around 3 weeks after the War of the Ember to Emeraldis, sister to the Queen of Ambala, and Magnus, Former General to the Kingdom of Tyto before the War of the Ember. Tytanius is a great flyer, being able to do a good flight at the age of 42 days, while it takes a regular barn owl about 66 days to do an exceptional flight. 

Discovery of the Bio-BirdsEdit

Tytanius originally discovered the Bio-Birds when he went on a hunt with his father. At first he thought they were scrooms, but soon he met Rambonus, who explained the evil that hovered around these new Bio-Birds. Tytanius would soon go on a quest to rid the world of evils such as this. But will he succeed?