Hi, I'm Oolamoo. I am going to start a project that I hope will make the most accurate map of the Island of Hoole and the Great Ga'Hoole Tree anywhere. I need as many people to contribute their imaginative details of the Great Tree and any other concrete details that are included in the books or from a trustworthy source. I will take all imput into account and hopefully include at least one detail from every imaginative imput and every concrete detail as well. I would like the concrete details separate from imaginative picture details for anyone who would like to post.

Here are some I have saved tabs for in the book and some that need answering:


  • There is a stand of Birch trees on the island.
  • The Islands shape is (most likely) how it is roughly depicted on the map.
  • Ezylryb's hollow is the only hollow facing Northeast.
  • all main hollows are as depicted in the guidebook map.
  • Bobo's forge is NOT in a root of the tree (as shown in guidebook), but in a cave, (what part of the island, N/S/E/W?)
  • Parliamentary hollow is the only hollow with door(s?)
  • Parliment perches on curved Birch branch with guest perch in center

(Possibly) Imaginative:

  • Corridors within the great tree (hollows can be accessed from inside corridor as well as porthole)
  • Great Tree has MANY more residents and residential hollows than mentioned in books.
  • Island has many small tree groves.


  • How large is the Island? (In The Seige, the primary escape tactic was an escape tunnel. Was this tunnel made to go all the way under Hoolemere or just to the farthest reaches of the Island? Please reread this par and give opinions if possible.)
  • What areas of the island are used for what? E.G.- there are mentiond of rocks on an outcropping, where on the island are these rocks located?

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope to get this description posted here (hopefully) soon. Give input on how to accuratley describe the Ultra-accurate Map of the tree, in typing or something else! One last word of advice, ABSOLUTELY do not let this map influence your imaginative views of the story! I still use mental pictures from the first time I read the series untill the seventh. This is partially why I am hesitant to post about subjects that do not make sense to me, or things that might make you change your picture of the story. Keep those pictures and use them always! Thank you again, Glaux bless.

Oolamoo (talk) 17:00, November 9, 2013 (UTC)